Aug 4, 2012

Guest Bathroom Vanity Reveal

It's about time!!

In truth, the vanity is not DONE done.  I can see some indications of bleeding that will likely need to be sanded, Killz'ed, repainted, and resealed in the coming months.  But for now... DONE!

So fresh and so clean clean

Blends so much better!

I love how much more modern, clean, and soothing the bathroom looks now.  I'm glad we went with the plain knob pulls as well.  While they're not super fun, they fit the bill, were cheap and durable, and if at one point we ever sell or rent this house (or change our decor), they'll "go" with so much more.

The whole project was super-cheap.

Tape:  $7
Paint: already had
Brush: $4 (had to replace my gooky one)
Cabinet pulls: $17

Grand total:  $28!

And just for comparison's sake, here's a before and after.

So much better!

So glad to have this one done and out of the way!  For more on the process, click here and here and here and here

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