Aug 27, 2012

Little Fixes

This past week found us finally getting around to fixing a few niggling details in the living and dining rooms.

Piano before, with mirror leaned on top.  (Read more about how the piano came to live with us.)

Don't you dare mess up the finish on that piano, mirror!

Piano after, with mirror hung from the wall.

Yeah, the mirror's a smidge too close to the piano.  But it's a start.

Crystal display hutch before, being crowded by the *awesome!* new drapes.  (Read more about making the Crate & Barrel Bella Porte Citrine knock-off drapes.)

I wish you could tell how cloistered that hutch is.

Crystal display hutch after, having been shifted about three inches away from the corner.

Breathing room!

Another pic with terrible lighting, just for fun.

Drapes before, being a steely blue-gray.

Muted and not-quite-going.

Drapes after, having switched to a fun turquoise velour.  (They seem to have mysteriously disappeared from Ikea's website.)

Turquoise funs it up in here.

You may have also noticed that the area rug we had in that room is missing.  We still love the rug, but once we switched pianos, there were just too many large, dark, brown items in the room.  It's chillin' in our garage right now.  We're thinking since it's an indoor/outdoor rug, it'll be great if we build the covered outdoor living space we've been pondering for next year's project list.

So the next steps will be to patch, sand, and paint the holes from our dining room drapery rods before we raised them about a foot to maximize their impact and match the height of the rod in the living room.  And hem the curtains in the dining room.  If my contract is approved (cross your fingers!), then I will be back to working a contracted schedule on Thursday.  Think I can get that taken care of before then?

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