Aug 28, 2012

Guest Bedroom: Move-In to Present

I decided this morning that I needed to update all of my blog posts by labeling which room or area they were about so that I could easily follow the progress through a given room across time.  I was shocked to realize that I haven't finished giving a house tour yet!  So without further ado....

You're seen the exterior of our house, the entry, the kitchen, and the dining room.  Then you've seen the areas in the middle of the house- the guest bathroom and the laundry closet.

Now let's start moving toward the back of the house.  The guest bedroom is across the hall from the guest bathroom, to the left of the laundry closet.  And it looks like this:

Cue the horror music!

Hmmm, maybe that's why I stopped with the house tour photos?  Ha!

There's actually a bed under there.  Not that you'd know.  This room is full of items that are waiting to be sold on Craigslist, gifted, taken to the local Goodwill store, mended, or used up.  Obviously we don't have overnight guests often, and that may be a good thing... the mattress on that bed is my Grandmother's.  It's about 30 years old.  And when you lie down on it you can feel every single one of those years.

Eventually we'd like to get this room cleaned up so that it's at least serviceable.  Maybe one day it'll turn into a nursery, who knows.  But until then, the door to this room is remaining closed at all times!

I know we're not the only ones that have (at least one) space in our house that looks like junk piled on top of junk.  Where's the messy area in your home?

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