Aug 8, 2014

Look What the Stork Brought!

Mr. Baby's due date has come and gone, and he has yet to make an appearance.  But after nine months-ish of hard work, we do FINALLY have a finished guest bathroom!  Yes, you read that right.  We are probably setting the record for the longest DIY bathroom reno in blogger history.  But I don't care because A) IT'S DONE! and B) IT GOT DONE BEFORE BABY ARRIVED!  What started as replacing a cracked and broken tub and shower surround ended up becoming a full bathroom overhaul in preparation for our family's changing needs and I couldn't be happier with the results.  As a reminder, we were aiming for: higher quality materials, surfaces that are easy to clean, a richer color palette that would complement Mr. Baby's nursery, and better functionality that will last us for a few years of Mr. Baby growing up without sacrificing the needs of our guests.  So let's get on with the fun part, eh?  Pictures!!

The view from the hallway.

Lots of fun blues and greens to break up all the white.

I am in love with this picture.

The opposite side of the bathroom.

Between the vanity and the shower.

Couldn't resist a little bathroom-related humor.

Extra hand towels, wash cloths, travel size toiletries, and a bin for Mr. Baby's bath items.

I love how cheery and functional this space turned out to be.  The bead board is a dream to clean with a microfiber cloth.  It'll be nice when the time comes for us to move as well, because almost all of the permanent fixtures in this room will create a nice neutral palette for the future owners to personalize as they see fit.

And as a fun parting shot, here's the evolution of this bathroom from move-in to current day:

Realtor's photo

Year One...

Year Two...

...and Now!
Fun side note... while my photography skills still leave a lot to be desired, it's nice to look back at photos across a long span of time to see that I'm at least improving!

On to the nitty gritty breakdowns for you detail-oriented people.

Sources for the bathroom (links provided where applicable):
American Standard Americast Princeton tub- Lowe's
Subway tile and grout in Delorean Gray- Home Depot
Pfister tub/shower trim kit in nickel- Home Depot
Danze "The Pottie" toilet- Costco (no longer available)
Cape Cod style bead board trim kits- Home Depot (available in store only)
Benjamin Moore's "Gray Owl" paint in low-VOC Harmony line- Sherwin Williams
Broan bathroom fan- Lowe's
Behr's "Twilight Chimes" paint- Home Depot
Valspar spray enamel in "Gloss Tropical Oasis"- Lowe's
Over-toilet shelves and brackets- Home Depot
Diaper sprayer- Zulily
Shower curtain, towels and washcloths, soap dispenser, rugs, towel hook bar, clock, small picture frames, and almost all items on shelves- Target
Printable artwork- Oh So Lovely
White vanity, vinyl flooring, builder-grade mirror frame, light fixture, shower curtain rod, large photo frames, hand towel ring, robe hook, green candle holder- existing.

Grand total for the complete bathroom reno: just a smidge under $1700.  Still cheaper than all but one estimate we got (and that was only for replacing the tub/shower surround with another fiberglass tub/shower surround, and not including labor for demolition or drywall repair).  And since it took us SO LONG to complete, we ended up spending an average of less than $200/month across the whole span of the reno.

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Jul 26, 2014

Make Room For Baby

Check!  This week I wrapped up decorating the nursery (for now) and I think we're as prepped as we can be for Mr. Baby's arrival.  Everything that remains on the "to do" or "to get" list will have to wait until we meet the little fella.  Let's take a little tour of the nursery.

Come on in!

Hanging right from the door is Mr. Baby's diaper bag.  This won't be its permanent home, but right now the corner of the door at eye level means we're more likely to remember to grab it on our way to the hospital.  Steve very kindly shaved down parts of that door as well so now it opens and shuts completely and softly.  The tub full of bath time goodies and the dresser Steve's grandpa Mel built (read more about it here) have been joined by the diaper pail and two Ikea spice racks turned bookshelves.

Wonder how long it'll take before I can remember what baby things go in which drawer?

Our little changing area got some fun upgrades as well.  The mis-matched storage at the top of the closet bugs me a little, but not enough for me to make something to cover it!  This is another area that won't be dealt with until after Mr. Baby arrives, because the bins are holding newborn and 3 month sized clothes, and we're not sure he'll be small enough to wear any of them (Steve wore 6 month clothes as a newborn)!

The baby buns station.

I made some fun little orbs to hang above the changing station.  I took at 1.5" circle cutter and made short work of a bundle of paint chips (yay free materials!), folded the circles to make an equilateral triangle (once a math coach, always a math coach), used glue dots to attach all of the bits and hung them with fishing line.

Fun colors!

This little sign was made from an 18" x 24" canvas frame, leftover crib skirt fabric, and iron on letters.  Best of all, it covers our fuse box!

Cue the hormones.

Steve cleverly added hinges to the same side that the fuse box swings open on.  This means easy access when it's necessary, and we could attach them frame to the wall on the side of the fuse box rather than risk hitting wiring by hanging it from above.  We used velcro on the other side to secure it to the wall.

Steve is tricky.

We finally got a little storage ottoman for the rocker, so now it's very easy to rock- my feet barely touch the floor because we added the rocker skis!  I've loaded some fun magazines for me in elastic side pocket of the ottoman.  Tabi made the whale quilt that's on the back of the rocker.  Just like everything else she has made for Mr. Baby, it's adorable.

I don't think this is what LMFAO meant by "Party Rockin."

I elected to use all of the sweet cards I got at Mr. Baby's shower to decorate the wall behind the chair.  It's nice to look at all of those cards and think about how many people love him even though he hasn't arrived yet!  The twine and clothespins were part of a shower gift and they're held in place with some fun push-pins I ordered on Etsy.

Mr. Baby's affirmation wall?

Most of this side of the room has stayed the same.  The Pack N Play has been shifting around the room, looking for a permanent home when not in use.  And then there's the blow up air mattress my in-laws used last time they came for a visit.  We still haven't managed to walk the 30 feet to the shed to put it away.  Because we're lazy awesome.

Gotta move the air mattress to get the baby in and out of the crib.

The only other additions here are our filled-out bookshelf (thank you Paige, Anika, and Grant!!) and the video monitor we snagged for super-sale on Amazon perched in the upper left.

So many books!!

I am loving that most of the decor for this room was very inexpensive (or gifted or re-purposed), and Steve maintains that it's his favorite room in our house so far.  So at this point, I'm sticking a fork in Mr. Baby's nursery.  I'm happy enough with it, it's as functional as a person who's never been a mom before can figure to make it, and it feels like a place that I'll be happy to spend a lot of time in (even if it is in the middle of the night).  Now all it needs is a baby!

Jul 17, 2014

Mac in the Office

Fleetwood Mac, of course.

After doing a little clean up/organization overhaul on my side of the desk, I decided it needed sprucing up with a little bit of new wall bling.

Hello, my pretty.

I switched out the small mirror with the dark frame for a larger one that used to hang in our guest room.  A few coats of spray paint transformed its frame from gold to bright white.  Between the light, the mercury glass, and the mirror, that little corner of our bookshelf is nice and bright now.  As for the wall to the left, my diplomas are right where they've always been, but I removed the hanging pocket organizer which had ceased to be useful in lieu of some fun things that felt a little more in sync with my tastes now.

Me space.

I tried to keep the color palette simple and clean to tie everything together and minimize the feeling of clutter that can quickly creep in to our office.  I also wanted the art here to be things that speak to me.  Fortunately, Target had two of these pieces- the graphic Fleetwood Mac lyric (or Jason Mraz, if you'd rather) and the ode to coffee canvas.  The bird hook used to hold our pocket organizer but now is mostly just there because it's cute and I love it.  The art to the far left is simply a printable featuring a chalk design of "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection."  The floating frame used to be a dark cherry color; a can of silver spray paint made it tie in with the rest of the grouping.

As long as other parts of the office were getting a lighter and brighter makeover, I decided the dogs' crate should get a little update as well.

New fluffy puppy blankets!

Seems like they are enjoying the improvements, right?  So am I!