Aug 29, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...Wait until you spot a great deal online and try again.

After the bummer that was our Crate & Barrel kitchen rug fail, I have been gun-shy about trying to find another rug that'd fit our needs in the kitchen.  I have done a ton of browsing, but no buying.  Until now.

I pulled the trigger on a very pretty geometric rug from One Kings Lane.  It's a little more than I wanted to spend (I was aiming for $100 or less), but it's also the perfect length (most runners we found were about 8' long, this one's 10), and I love the pattern, and it was half off (See that "You're saving $141.00"???).

I am crossing my fingers that the color will match what's represented on the website, and not compete with what's already going on in the kitchen.  I am hoping it'll withstand high traffic and the occasional drip or splatter (John and Sherry have a larger version of this rug in their living room and they have a toddler, so I should be OK, right?).  And I hope it's soft on the toesies.

Whaddaya think?  Will it work?

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