Aug 2, 2012

Taming More Coffee Table Clutter

I love Ikea.  I actually go to Ikea maybe two times a year.  And yesterday, with Steve gone to work in the morning and over to a friend's house for poker in the evening, I decided on a whim to go have some fun myself.  I made the 2 hour drive down to Ikea.  I stopped for a frappucino on the way down.  I played my favorite band's brand spanking new album at top volume.  I drove with sunglasses on and my sunroof open (this is western Washington, people.  We have to enjoy it while it lasts!).

But I digress.


I was hoping I might find a cute tray or box that I could use to make the clutter under our coffee table look a little more "controlled" and less "chaos."  I found it!  Steve and I make heavy use of Ikea's hanging-file sized boxes in our office, so I knew something along those lines would work.  I found their small Kvarnvik boxes.  They looked so cute with the rustic pull on the front and the roughspun texture.  I got two.

Cute as a button.

I decided to use the boxes for DVD management.  We have two binders of DVDs (most courtesy of my mom's frequent trips to the markets in Shanghai before she retired) and a couple of DVD boxes, all of which were hanging out on the lower level of the coffee table.  Each Kvarnvik box is just a little wider than one DVD.  I didn't have anything to keep the DVDs from getting scratched up and rubbing together, so I decided to just cut each page of sleeves out of the binders, then cut them into individual sleeves so I could just plunk them straight into the box.  Mission accomplished!

Hello Mr. Pitt.

Things look so much neater now!  If we want to watch a DVD, we just pull the box out and rifle through it.

I love Ikea.

I got a few more fun things while I was there- more on that later!

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