Jul 15, 2012

...Going Twice...

After 24 hours of dry time, I was ready to slap another coat of white on the vanity in the guest bath.

I started on the doors, which are propped on paint buckets out in the garage.  When I started this project, I decided to paint the backs of the doors first.  It gives me some time to hone my technique.  Screwing up the inside of a cabinet door is *much* less noticeable than screwing up the face of one.

First I cut in.  You can really see here how very non-white the doors were after one coat.


Then I used my little door and cabinet roller for the inset, the sides, and the edges.  Any extra paint got "feathered" in with the roller or the paint brush.  You have to be quick about it, though, unless you want things to get clumpy and uneven.

Hopefully you won't get motion-sick.

When I was done with all of the doors I went inside and followed the same techniques on the vanity.  Applying the second coat on everything took maybe 20 minutes.  It always surprises me how quick the actual *painting* part of painting goes.

So for comparison's sake, here's the vanity before, after one coat, and after two coats.


One Coat

Two coats.  The Michael Jackson of vanities.

And the doors after two coats.

Balancing act.

Everything needs at least one more coat of paint, but...  Crisis averted!  This might actually look the way I want it to after all!

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