Jul 26, 2012

I Just Met You

Habitat for Humanity finally opened a Re-Store in Everett a few months ago, and Steve and I went to take a look around with the in-laws.  Steve and I hadn't planned on buying anything.  But we found something there that made me feel a little Carly Rae Jepsen.  You know,
I wasn't looking for this/
But now you're in my way.

It was so pretty.  Stainless.  Nice high arc neck.  Pull out head.  Pause button.  Single handle.  Nice.

I just met you

Here's the deal.  We didn't need a new faucet.  Sure, it was on the list of long-term projects, but our existing kitchen faucet was perfectly functional.  After 5 years of abuse it wasn't exactly "pretty" but it was definitely a long way from being an eyesore.  Our plan had been to upgrade the sink and faucet when or if we manage to upgrade our existing counter tops.  Sounds practical, right? 

And this is crazy

The fancy new faucet was marked for $160.  Although it was brand new, it didn't seem like *that* great of a buy.  Come on, we were at the Re-Store, where spanking new solid-core interior doors are priced at $5.50.  Nevertheless, it seemed like a better deal than we'd be likely to get at Lowe's or Home Depot for that type of faucet.  We were tempted.

Here's my number

It was in its original box complete with label, so I whipped out my iphone and googled it.

So call me maybe

List price $790?!?!?!  On sale for $406???  Believe it or not, several other places carried this discontinued Moen faucet, most of them priced around $500.  Dude, $160 was 80% off of the list price.  We couldn't leave it there.  Ir was a total impulse purchase, and we couldn't be happier.

Our morning the following day looked like this.

And then it was done.  We love it!

My camera thinks it's hard to look right at you, baby.

Compare for yourself.



Aw yeah.  I'd have included a wide-angle shot so you could see how much better the scale of the high-arc neck is with the rest of the kitchen, but honestly there was too much junk on the counters and I was too lazy to clean it.

And now for several gratuitous poorly-lit pics of the fancy new faucet!  (Time for me to get the paint ladder out of the side yard.)

I used a method for deep-cleaning stainless steel sinks that I found on Pinterest.  Worked pretty slick and shined everything right up (not that you can tell from my pictures)!  Check it out on my Pinterest board!

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