Jul 17, 2012

Put a Bird On It

You don't have to be a fan of Portlandia to know that birds are awesome.

I love fat little birds.  They are cute beyond cute.  And my fabulous sister-in-law knows that I have this thing for birds (she loves 'em too).  But I had no idea what was coming when she called to say she had a surprise for me.  She had been cleaning out her art supplies when she found this canvas, so she just decided to be awesome and whip up some seriously cute bird art right then and there.  And then she decided to give it to me!  Wasn't that sweet??  Here, take a gander for yourself.

Tweet, tweet!

I just can't get over what a good artist she is that she just whipped up that fat little bird on a tree branch on a whim.  Makes this left-brain girl a tad envious.  Just look how adorable it is!

He's just fluffy.

I just love it.  It was tricky trying to find a place to put it, though.  I originally thought it'd come live above my nightstand in our bedroom, but the blue on the canvas just looked a little weird with our light blue walls.  So I used highly scientific deductive procedures to figure out where it should live- I walked around the house putting it here and there to see where I liked it best.  And lo and behold, I found the *perfect* spot.


I put him on top of the cubbies in our entry way.  I love how that fat little bird is a touch of whimsy amongst our fancy wedding-y photos.  And the blue ties in perfectly to the entry rug (which I am now completely in love with).  I think we may actually have a bird in every room in this house now.  And yes, it is helping with Project Fun-Things-Up-In-Here.

Thanks for the lovely gift, Tabi!!  Muah!

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