Jul 9, 2012


I am so elated and thankful and tired.

And we're not even done yet!!

I washed the outside of the house with mold and mildew killer on Thursday, and prepped the area by moving all the random stuff we had near the house and getting the lawn mowed and bushes pruned so there'd be as little foliage in the way as possible.

We kicked off with paint at 9 on Saturday morning.  Steve got the honor burden of being the spray gun master, so he spent most of the day looking like he was part of a HAZMAT team.

My lovely in-laws surprised us by coming over dressed in paint clothes and ready to roll.  Steve's Dad helped him with spraying by wrangling cords and moving ladders; the rest of us taped and masked ahead of them and did some brush prep in the slats of our T1-11 siding to reduce our chances of getting an unintentional pinstripe effect.  Once the body of the house was painted and dry, we removed the masking and got to work painting trim with brushes.  We finally ran out of energy around 5 p.m., went inside, made some burgers on the grill and watched Jim Gaffigan's new special on Netflix before collapsing into bed.

Pretty much all of the body of the house is done.  There are a couple of slats that still need some brush work to cover a bare spot or two, and the area under our dining room window still needs to be painted (there were too many bushes in the way to spray it properly), and of course the spots around the masking need to be touched up.

The trim in another story.  I'm so happy with how the off-the-shelf crisp white looks with the taupe-y gray, but it is taking at least two coats to cover well.  Most of the trim on the front side of the house is done.  All of the windows have one coat.  The garage door has two coats.  We still have to do all of the peaks, the base trim on three sides of the house, the upper trim on three sides of the house, and the trim behind the gutters on three sides of the house.  No small order, but the weather has been cooperative and I've got time this week to keep chugging away.

Without further ado, here's the picture diary of the day.

Fashion plate.

Spraying like a fiend.


Roof butt.  Yes, they are torn.  No, Steve didn't know I was taking this picture.

Spaying the front peak- yikes!

Spraying's done!

Painting the trim.

Installing our new porch light!

Soooo cute!

Where we ended on Saturday.  Will's grilling celebratory burgers on the porch to nowhere.

Love it!


  1. Really nice! And speedy!

  2. Rebecca ClaussenJuly 09, 2012

    Looks fabulous! I have a hard time grasping what it's like to finish projects quickly. Something about having two girlies around to 'help' perhaps... ;)

  3. Thanks guys! We really wanted to go as fast as possible in case the weather turned. We did have an unexpected cloudburst last night, so I was glad that most of the paint had about 36 hours of curing time before the raindrops hit.

  4. yeah, that was quite the rainstorm last night/this morning, huh?! It looks so fabulous, Colleen! I'm impressed!

  5. Funny thing is that I didn't even hear it. I was shocked when I walked out to the kitchen and saw everything outside was wet. I kind of wish I had woken up- I love thunder and lightning!

  6. What is the house color?

    1. Hi Meg! We ended up choosing Martha Stewart's Flagstone (Home Depot carries her line), and we still love it.