Dec 31, 2012

Door Buster

Here's a part of our house I haven't featured much at all.  The back end of our hallway and the door to the garage.  It's not much to look at.

No beauty pageant winners here.

There's quite a lot of things we don't like about this door, actually.  You probably guessed based on past experience here and here that I don't really go for the oak look (with brass toned hardware, no less).  Especially when every other door in our house is a white six-panel with oil-rubbed bronze hardware.  Our main concern with this door is that code states doors between garages and living quarters need to be fire-rated.  Not only is this oaky beast not fire-rated, it actually features a fire accelerant in the form of a pet door.  And even if we weren't the type that really cared about code, this pet door is too small and too high for Indy and Tigger to use.

And it's not even sqaured!

 There's also the fact that the door is screwed.


We think these screws may have held a mirror at one point...?  All they're really good for now is catching your hair on if you get too close.

And then there's this.

Not good.

Obviously it leaves some aesthetics to be desired.  Most of that was already on the door when we moved in.  Some of the damage to the trim on the left is our dogs' fault- they scratch at the door once or twice to let us know they need to go outside.  The real problem here isn't the paint splatters or the scratches, though.  It's the gap.  Much like the pet door, the actual door is not hung squarely.  And they did a terrible job of finishing out the trim on the garage side of the brickmould.  So even though the door has self-close hinges, it would often not close without a forceful shove, and we pretty much always get a draft from it.  But now it does something completely different.

Right before Christmas, Steve and I had just come home from grocery shopping.  As we were carrying the grocery bags down the hallway toward the kitchen, we heard a loud POP from behind us.  We turned around and saw the door standing wide open.  There was no self-closing happening.  The culprit?  Broken hinge spring.  The cause?  Improperly hung door put too much stress on the hinge spring.

Worthless.  And ugly.

Replacing this door has been on our long-term to-do list since we moved in.  But the hinge was the last straw.  To save ourselves some energy bill grief, this project is getting done sooner than later.  We've already ordered our replacement door from Lowe's.  It'll be a white six panel with oil-rubbed bronze hinges, weather stripping, and sill.  After consulting with Pinterest, I decided that I really like the idea of a black door.  But getting a pre-fab black door instead of the stock primed white one would've added $140 to an already unexpected and expensive project, so we went with white.  I can always paint it myself down the road if I want (for waaaayyyy less than $140).  And with all of these great Pinterest inspiration pictures, I'm finding myself more motivated to dress up our hallway as well.  Isn't it funny how projects feed into one another like that?

Here's the black door eye candy I pinned.  Enjoy!

From Houzz

From Houzz

From Jamie's blog Like Me Some

From Kelly's blog Design Around Denver

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