Dec 24, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Even though we live in the foothills, most of the time our Christmases in the Pacific Northwest are green and damp rather than white and crisp.  I really love white snowy landscapes, so clean and sparkly.  That is what inspired the holiday vignette on top of the piano this year.  I went for wintry and woods, with accents of silver and gold.  This display was also not terribly expensive- we already had everything except the greenery and the filler in the jar.  Not bad for about $25!

Holy greenery, Batman.

Up close.  I need to learn how to remove the blue tones from my photos.

Steve's polar bear ornament.  His name is Pooky.

My fluffy white bird ornaments.  They don't have names but I imagine them singing the song "Sisters" from White Christmas.

A platter we scored on clearance from Target last month.  It's hard to tell, but the gold has a little sparkle to it.

Cinnamon pinecones, ornaments, a mercury glass bird and an antler.

My floral arrangement skills leave something to be desired but I  looove that sweater vase (also on clearance from Target).

I like that this vignette is more "winter" than "Christmas," so I'll be able to leave it beyond December.  Our only other Christmas decorations this year are our tree, a poinsettia we pilfered from Tabi & Will's wedding reception, and scented candles (I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works holiday scented candles).  We didn't even bother to put up stockings or lights on the outside of the house.  I feel bad that we have so many Christmas items just sitting neglected in our garage, but we haven't had time to break them out.  Oh well, we know they'll still be there next year.  And it's nice to feel like we simplified part of our lives amid the crazy full-on sprint that leads up to Christmas.  We were better able to focus on the important parts of Christmas, like spending time with loved ones.

I'll be busy spending time with both sides of the family for the next two days, but I should have a new post ready for Wednesday.  From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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