Jan 2, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened

People read this blog.  Truly.  (Hi Mom!)

Let me clarify.  People who aren't in my immediate family read this blog.  It cracks me up!  I see a co-worker for the first time in two months and he asks if I'm planning on tackling any major projects during an upcoming break.  I go out to lunch with a friend and she tells me that she loved my most recent blog post.

I have to say, I love it.  It's amazing to me that anyone besides myself and my husband give a hoot what dorky DIY projects happen in this house.  I get a kick out of the fact that not only do other people care, they seem to *enjoy* reading about the dorky DIY projects that happen in this house.  It's pretty neat to be able to share something that floats your boat with other people and see it float their boats, too.

A slice of in-progress heaven.

I also have to say, it terrifies me a little.  The introvert in me would rather go on imagining that these little missives I write aren't available to anyone and everyone who would care to find them.  Or about a dozen people a month that google "Martha Stewart Flagstone paint" (as of this writing, my blog shows up on the third page of results!).  My chest tightens every time I share a post on Facebook or pin a photo on Pinterest.  It's like virtual stage fright; it's hard not to feel exposed.

But something truly bizarre- and awesome!- has happened recently.  It's definitely a milestone in my life as a blogger.  One of Steve's friends wanted to list his condo for sale, but their listing agent had some cosmetic upgrades that she wanted to be completed before putting the condo on the market.  Nothing too crazy- refreshing the paint, peel and stick tiling, patching nail holes, caulking, that kind of thing.  But that friend has a very busy job and a toddler, so he was not looking forward to making time for all of these projects.  At this point our mutual friend Rachael pointed him to this blog, and he asked Steve and I if we'd come help him check off the items on his home improvement to-do list.  And he'd pay us to do it.  Whaaa??  Spoiler alert: we said yes.

This is what's crazy about blogging.  If I hadn't been pouring out my nerd-girl home-loving DIY heart for all the internets to see, then nobody except my immediate family and close friends would know that Steve and I do this kind of stuff.  And that we like it!!  And while we're certainly not experts, we've got a fair amount of experience under our belts after 17 months of upgrading our ho-hum foreclosure with our own hands (and a little help from our parents).  I just find it so fascinating that being my geeky introverted self, feverishly typing on my laptop, has helped me make connections with people that I never would have otherwise.  How's that for ironic, Alanis?

So, three cheers for blogging!  I'll keep on nerding out for all to see and pretending that no one can see.  At least I won't have to picture you all in your underwear.

PS- Happy mid-90s flashback!

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