Jul 27, 2013

Urn Update

After completing the retaining wall, I had to wait for our home improvement budget to refill before planting around it.  It's been hard to wait so much.  This spring I thought I'd get so much planting done before I had to go back to work in August (read the grand plan here).  But here we are, late in July, and I haven't planted a single darn thing.

I couldn't take it anymore.

So I tried to do the cheapest landscaping/gardening upgrade I could, and finally get something in the urns on the front porch.

Mission Accomplished!  (And sun flare)

It was so nice to get our little overhang area cleaned out, too.  Now that we have a garden shed, all of my small pots were able to move out from under the bench.  I swept the walls, ceiling, and cement.  It looks a ton better, and you know I relish an opportunity to get rid of spiders.  I finally hung our wind chime up as well.

Way less cluttered!

The evergreens are baby Wilma Cypress.  I love the dramatic yellowish color and the skinny shape.  They can be up to 8 feet tall when mature, so I'm hoping to replant these babies once they outgrow the urns.  The petunias came together in two large pots.  I chose them mostly because they were really inexpensive, and as the summer progresses, they'll just keep getting fuller and drape nicely over the sides of the urns.

Dusty purples.


It's nice to have satisfied my gardening needs for now, gotten the front porch a little cleaner and more welcoming, and finally gotten some use out of those fabulous urns!

Come and knock on our door....
Although I have to admit that I am now really jonesing to bulk up the post in the foreground of that last photo.  It just looks so puny and unbalanced sitting out there by itself!  At least we are making some curb appeal progress!

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