Jul 6, 2013

Guest Bath Updates

Our guest bath was virtually unused for the first 18 months that we lived here.  But lately it's been getting a workout!  We've had guests staying with us about every other weekend for a few months now.  And now that our guest bathroom's function has been road-tested, we've added a few simple updates to make life easier for overnight guests.

Adding a second rug.
Stepping out of the shower onto bare linoleum can be a slip hazard.  And also, why wouldn't you want your freshly washed piggies to have a more comfortable landing?  The rug we used in front of the shower is the exact same rug we already have in front of the sink, and it matches the gray-green paint in this bathroom perfectly.

Better footing.

Adding a second (and third and fourth) towel hook.
We had noticed that our overnight guests didn't have a convenient place to hang towels to dry.  People don't sling their wet towels over shower curtain rods for the fun of it!  Since wall space was already at a premium, and we wanted to have room for multiple towels convenient to the shower, we went with a swiveling three-hook fixture.

Three is the magic number.

I think it's super cute and love the vintage vibe.  This hook is from Target's Threshold collection, and has already gotten rave reviews from guests.

Swivel, baby.

Adding a shower caddy.
This was such a "duh" moment.  Nobody likes to bend over in the shower to retrieve the shampoo, and nobody likes to let their soap get used up on the built-in tray by the shower's over-spray.  I should mention that the shower-head was installed by Steve's parents a couple of months ago to amp up the water pressure.  Unfortanately, the showerhead and the caddy get a little tangled up, so I think the caddy is going to move to a 3M hook mounted on the back wall of the shower surround.

Caddy up.

Speaking of the shower surround, I noticed that the chips I repaired have done the unthinkable.  Like chips in a windshield, these chips have also converged and spread.  There's now a hairline crack running from the chips near the drain over halfway up the floor of our shower pan.  Since there's no way to be sure it's not leaking, replacing the tub/shower surround has claimed precedence as the next major project around the house.

Adding a pedestal mirror.
If you're used to doing your makeup with a pedestal mirror, particularly a magnifying one, then the regular old builder grade bathroom mirror is not going to cut it.  Nuff said.

Mirror at the ready.

Adding bumpers to the vanity doors.
This had been on my to-do list ever since I finished painting the vanity last summer, but somehow it just kept getting neglected.  Realizing that my guests were subjected to loud wood-on-wood crashing noises every time they shut the vanity doors made me get on it.


There's our handful of quick and easy updates to make our guests more comfortable.  So about that tub and shower surround, who's got some recommendations for me?

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