Jul 11, 2013

Garage Progress

I've finished painting!  Since I applied the paint directly to drywall, I ended up using about 2 gallons- that stuff sucks paint right up.  Just as a reminder, here's where we started:

To the right.

To the left.

You can see how I started with our interior paint, Kilim Beige, around the doorway.  Frankly, it just wasn't covering well enough.  And here's where we're at now thanks to our leftover exterior paint.

More left.

More right.

The paint really helped things look cleaner and less cluttered.  We are still debating about paining the ceiling. We think it would look nice, but we all know that painting ceilings is not a party.  Jury's still out.

Here's the wall to the left of the door.  We moved the key hooks down so we could put up a shelf and some artwork.  In the spirit of the garage as "man domain," most of what's on the wall are pieces of memorabilia of Steve's.

Nerd alert.

My favorite part of this wall is the whiteboard on the shelf.  Our chest freezer is notoriously disorganized and I hate digging through it when meal planning, especially in winter when it's chilly in the garage.  I took the time to inventory the chest freezer and wrote it on the whiteboard.  This way, I can keep track of what's in there without rummaging around a bunch of meats by simply adding and deleting items from the whiteboard as they go in and out of the freezer.

Every freezer has some mystery meat, right?

Aside from some garden tools that had been hanging out by our water heater moving to the garden shed, this little corner got some much needed organization too.  Our exercise mats are now neatly rolled up and on the shelf with the Xbox (which we love for playing exercise videos or streaming Netflix while treadmilling).  My weenie weights hold the mats in place.  We have plans to build a small shelf below for heavier weights and kettlebells, and Steve's heavybag will get stashed there too, so all of our exercise equipment is in one spot.

Exercise center.

The front end of the garage is coming right along.  So what do you think about the ceiling?  Paint or no paint?

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  1. This looks super! And I love the freezer idea. I've seen something similar with writing right on the freezer, but I always throw things on top of it so I know it was just get messed up. Super smart!

    1. That's how it goes in our house too. And I love that the dry erase pen is attached. Trying to keep a pen near on the freezer without it getting lost, in the way, or cluttering things up seemed less elegant than just getting the little whiteboard. Oh Kim, I'm having such a dorky blogger-crush geek out right now! Thanks for dropping by!