Jul 17, 2014

Mac in the Office

Fleetwood Mac, of course.

After doing a little clean up/organization overhaul on my side of the desk, I decided it needed sprucing up with a little bit of new wall bling.

Hello, my pretty.

I switched out the small mirror with the dark frame for a larger one that used to hang in our guest room.  A few coats of spray paint transformed its frame from gold to bright white.  Between the light, the mercury glass, and the mirror, that little corner of our bookshelf is nice and bright now.  As for the wall to the left, my diplomas are right where they've always been, but I removed the hanging pocket organizer which had ceased to be useful in lieu of some fun things that felt a little more in sync with my tastes now.

Me space.

I tried to keep the color palette simple and clean to tie everything together and minimize the feeling of clutter that can quickly creep in to our office.  I also wanted the art here to be things that speak to me.  Fortunately, Target had two of these pieces- the graphic Fleetwood Mac lyric (or Jason Mraz, if you'd rather) and the ode to coffee canvas.  The bird hook used to hold our pocket organizer but now is mostly just there because it's cute and I love it.  The art to the far left is simply a printable featuring a chalk design of "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection."  The floating frame used to be a dark cherry color; a can of silver spray paint made it tie in with the rest of the grouping.

As long as other parts of the office were getting a lighter and brighter makeover, I decided the dogs' crate should get a little update as well.

New fluffy puppy blankets!

Seems like they are enjoying the improvements, right?  So am I!

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