Mar 11, 2013

3, 4 Shut the Door

It does, finally!

Last we left the door between our garage and the house, it was a hot mess.  Specifically, this hot mess.


Steve and his dad installed our new door over a month ago, but it hasn't been finished because of something interesting.  When they ripped the broken door out, they found that the cut for the door is significantly wider than the pre-hung door we bought.  They managed to shim the door in just fine, but we had a major case of crack attack happening.  (Please excuse the pics- I'm trying my hand at shooting with a DSLR and the learning curve is crazy steep!!)

Pretty door, ugly crack.

I tried to restrain myself but I have to say-- crack is whack.

So Steve bought a couple cans of spray insulation and went to work sealing off the crack.

Rockin' the gloves and goggles.

We let it set for 8 hours and cut off the excess that bubbled out.

Look ma, no more crack!

Sealed up tight.

The trim we used doesn't match the trim in the rest of the house-- we couldn't find an exact match, so we opted for something a little more dramatic.  Our hope was since this door is at the end of a hallway and is the only door in our whole house sporting satin nickel hardware, the different trim would read as character rather than "oops."  And once I get around to painting the garage-facing side of this puppy black, we think it'll just add to the effect.  Once the trim went up, things looked so much better.

Primed trim, blurry pictures.

And once everything was repainted and we switched out the door bumper on the wall for one that was a little more flush, things looked oh so much better!

Love it.

So that's the story of how the door from our house to our garage went from a non-functional ugly duckling to a hard-working swan.



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