Mar 26, 2013

Spring is for the Birds

It's official.  After an insane snowy Friday, spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest.  We've had a few sunny days and yesterday we topped 60 degrees.  Barely, but still.

I'll take it!!

So it was high time the top of the piano went from wintry to springy.  I'm not a big one for holiday decorating, mostly because I'm too lazy to redecorate for every holiday and also because I'm too cheap to purchase decor that coordinates with every holiday.  I do enjoy me some seasonal decorating though.  Make it cute once and leave it alone for three months?  Sounds good to me.


What says spring better than the return of birds?  The geese head north and the robins and songbirds can be seen again.  I have fond memories of finding blue eggshells broken open under bird nests as a child, and there's something undeniably hopeful and about feeble baby birds breaking free of their tiny shells.  The symbolism isn't lost on me, folks.  And I do love me some birds in this house.  So, birds it is.

I have also always loved the look of a collection of vases.  And I've seen the beauty in displaying collections of items.  Well, it just happens that I had a cabinet full of vases waiting in the laundry closet.

Most of the goodies here are shopped from my house.  I used some leftover Spanish moss in a jar that was hanging out on top of my kitchen cabinets to make a sweet spot for robins to lay eggs.  The vase on the left was in storage and the stopper bottle was in the guest bathroom.

The eggs are NOT seasonal Whoppers.

Two sweet wooden bird cutouts left from Tabi's wedding are perched near a second next of eggs.  I love that the birds say "I Do!" and "Me Too!" on the backs, and nobody can see it.  Obviously the birds must've eloped and are keeping their marriage a secret.

Bird family.

And the part that's my favorite.  How perfect is that quote?  And how great does it go with that frame?!  And let's throw in another bird, shall we?

The colors are so happy.

I couldn't have all those vases without some greenery going on.  I love forsythia in the spring- the bare branches covered in bright yellow flowers.  For some people, crocus is the signal that winter is ending.  For me, it's forsythia.  (Maybe I should incorporate one into our landscape plans?)  So I put a few silk branches in a giant mason jar.  I think it looks a little cluttered, but the fact that most of what's on top of the piano is glass keeps it from looking too chaotic.  I'm also digging the idea that at some point most of those vases could be filled with fresh flowers like tulips or a rhododendron branch.  Can't get much more springy than that, eh?

Ready for flora.

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