Jun 24, 2012

Getting Squirrelly

A few weeks ago, I was home from work, sick.  In the middle of the day, I wandered over into the kitchen, looked outside, and saw this.

Undeterred by rain.

A squirrel!  I was delighted; he was the first squirrel I'd seen since we moved in.  He looks like a Stanley, doesn't he?  Yes, he's definitely named Stanley.  So I stood there and took a bazillion photos of Stanley hanging out on our fence.

Gah!  Isn't he cute?!  He probably has rabies, but whatever.  He's cute and he's named Stanley.

So, remember my crisis over my house not being "fun" enough (here)?  Well, not to long after the crisis, I saw a great sale on Joss & Main for artgoodies, which included some super cute pillows.  Due to some technical difficulties that we will not discuss here (*ahem*IWasAtWork*ahem*), I could not purchase the super cute pillow I had my eye on before it sold out.  I sulked for a while, and then made a visit to artgoodies' Etsy store, just to take a look around.  They had it!  The pillow I saw on Joss & Main and couldn't buy before it sold out!!

block print squirrel stuffie by artgoodies, $16

A squeezable version of Stanley!  Of course I ordered it right away.  I couldn't order it fast enough, to be honest.  And after I was done hyperventilating and submitting my payment information, then I had to wait.

And now the wait is over.  Yippee!


I love Etsy shops for stuff like this.  A "Thank You" sticker and a cute ribbon go a long way to making  purchase feel personal.

You're welcome!!

And here he is, Stanley's less animated doppleganger.  Cute as can be, yes?


He even looks cute from the back!  Albeit less squirrelly.

Stanley has flowers on his backside, go figure.

After I got done squeezing  him in joy, Stanley the Stuffie Squirrel went happily to live on the bench in our entry.  He'll look at you if you sit there to take your shoes off.  He won't bite though, I promise.

A perfect bushy-tailed gentleman.

I am so excited to have our little homage to Stanley hanging out on that bench.  We are starting to up the fun factor here, people!  Hang on to your socks, because I'm just getting started.


  1. thank goodness stuffie stanley doesn't have rabies, probly! Haha! whatever!

    1. Rabies free is the way to be! =)