Jun 14, 2012

Ch- ch- ch- changes

You may have noticed that things look different around here.  Well, there's more where that came from.

Sorry to be rocking the blog boat.  I hit 500 page views this week.  I know it's not a ton, but this blog has only been in existence for a little over a month.  I am averaging 3 or 4 posts a week.  I still think doing this is a kick in the pants and it's giving my life some much-needed balance.  And, perhaps alarmingly, the more I post, the more I think of things I want to post.  You'd never know I was a textbook introvert.  When I blog, I'm like a four year old at bedtime; I just can't shut up.

All that to say, I think I might end up doing this for quite some time.  So I figured I should try to make the blog look legit.  I believe in making your surroundings feel like "you," so the blog should be the same, right?  Hence the mini-makeover.

In truth, Steve is responsible for all of the internet magics happening to this page.  He's a wizard.  And he's being very patient with my finicky opinions on banners and gadgets and such.  It's amazing that he's still helping me because I supply him with excellent pointers like "I want it to look kind of like this but not as much with the round and kind of like this but more colorful but not juvenile and I don't have a picture that would work."  See what he has to deal with?

The blog will likely be undergoing more presto change-o in the near future, so please accept my apologies if things feel a little disjointed around here.  That's how projects work.  That's how life works.  It's no surprise that the blog would work like that too.  Thanks for your patience with the virtual-dust.

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