May 8, 2012

Getting Snappy

As you can tell by now, I am seriously lacking in the photography skills department.  Maybe I could do better if I was taking pictures on something other than my iphone...?  Aaaaanyway, just because I'm a terrible photographer doesn't mean I don't appreciate photography.  And I had SIX photos arrive in the mail today that I am SO excited about.

We hemmed and hawed for a long time about what kind of art should go on the wall behind the couch in our living room.  One day I was looking at my friend Daniela's flickr stream, and I realized that we know lots of people who are amazing photographers.  How fun would it be to feature the photography of people we love in a gallery wall?

So I ordered some prints from Daniela to kick off our gallery wall.  We had such a hard time narrowing it down to our favorite photos!  Finally we just decided on four with the thought that we could order more later.  So today, when I found a large flat envelope in the mail, I ripped that thing open as soon as I could get my hands on it!  Aren't they great?

See her entire photostream here:

I'm so excited to start putting them in the frames!

Personal photo gallery, coming right up!

I'll post more shots as we get the frames filled up.  I am still wondering about the frame color.  I was hoping for white ones, but these were so cheap for how high-quality they were that we just sprung for them with the thought that I could always break out my trusty spray paint if the black looked too stark for the rest of the room.  What do you think?

Imagine Heidi Klum saying it.  "Black frames: in or out?"

 I also picked up a package from the post office today.   In contained.... more photos!  Although I haven't "officially" given a guest bathroom tour/progress, I just can't wait to share this.  Consider it a sneak peek.  P.S.  If you are potty-humor averse, you may as well stop reading now.

We have a blank spot on our wall above the toilet.  I know most people use the wall above the toilet for storage, but we already have a ton of that on one of the other bathroom walls, and the idea of putting bathroom linens or anything you'd have to touch frequently directly above the toilet just gives me the willies (think of all those germs flying around every time you flush, eww!).  So we decided to hang some art.  We just didn't know what that art might be.

Aiming for pretty but not girly.  Scratch that, gents; aim into the bowl.

So there I was, browsing Etsy all innocent-like, when I found these photos that I loved.  And then noticed that the colors would be perfect for the bathroom.  And was further pleased in that the photos were not overly girly (don't want the men who visit to be subjected to staring at flowery artwork when they use the facilities).  When I showed Steve these photos, his comment was, "Men wouldn't mind looking at pictures of a girl floating in water while they pee."  Haha.  I guess that means these photos are wieners winners.

Floaters for the bathroom.  Tee hee!

The surreal style is pretty edgy for us, and will be a nice way to balance all the spa-type frou-frou business that is happening in that bathroom (you can check out the Elle Moss collection in her Etsy shop.).  I still don't have frames for these guys, so they will be hanging out, waiting for me to get on the ball and frame them.  I'll be sure to post pictures when they go up!

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