May 18, 2014

The Ikea Fairy

The Ikea Fairy visited our house last weekend and now Mr. Baby's room is starting to look like a legit nursery!

We purchased a 3-drawer Hemnes dresser to serve as our changing table in a closet (read more about why we decided to do that here).  The bi-folds came off and the dresser was put together and anchored to the wall.  We also grabbed some under-cabinet lighting and mounted it inside the closet so that we'd be more likely to see what we are doing for middle-of-the-night diaper changes.  We got a couple of small wall-mounted sconces too (the Hektar) that will eventually be incorporated in this area.  The boxes and baskets had been stored in our guest bathroom or guest bedroom and will likely get used somewhere in Mr. Baby's room.

Ready for a changing pad and (eventually) some cute-ing up.

We had originally planned on painting the changing table the same moody near-navy blue as our back door, but we both decided it'd be better not to.  For one, we love the gray-brown tone the Hemnes is already sporting.  For another, once we set up the chest of drawers Steve's grandpa had made for him as a boy, we realized what rough shape it was really in- some trim work coming off, numerous scrapes and paint splatters, and lots of places where the stain was simply worn through.

Lots of sentiment, but not our style... yet.

So, Steve's hard-and-fast line of "I don't want you painting that" turned into "That would look really cool with some white paint and distressing, don't you think?"  And then, "Let's change out the knobs for better pulls."  So now the dresser Grandpa made for Steve is going to be getting a minor makeover.  I think we're going to be incorporating Steve's idea of white with distressing, and I am really dying to use that blue...  perhpas we'll end up with a white chest and blue drawers?  As far as the knob replacement goes, we're leaning toward either an apothecary-style pull (think old card catalogs or bin pulls from an old-timey hardware store) or something reminiscent of nautical cleats.

Fortunately for this small room, the chest of drawers isn't that big, so we'll still have room for a diaper pail next to it, and with a little makeover it'll take up less visual space in the room and add a fun dose of personality since it's the first thing you see from the hallway.

The view from the hallway.

The next item the Ikea fairy brought us was the wingback chair that will eventually be a rocker (in this case the Ikea fairy is literally Steve's parents... this was a Mother's Day gift from them!).  It's super-comfortable, and the back is high enough for both Steve and I to lean our heads back while sitting in it.  The skis for the bottom have been ordered and should be shipping to us any day now.

We also impulse purchased this super-cool rolling cart in a fun turquoise/aqua color.  I had been wondering what would be most useful for a small table beside the rocker to stash some necessities, and this little guy not only fit the bill of small/a ton of storage, but was also a color we wanted to incorporate into the nursery, there's high lips on every side to prevent spilling/falling,  AND IT ROLLS.  Of course it was coming home with us.

Future rocking station.

So here's everything on Mr. Baby's stripey wall- rocking chair, side table, and crib (which is rapidly filling up with more baby clothes cuteness thanks mostly to Mr. Baby's grandparents).

Getting closer!

Obviously we've still got a lot to do in this room, but I'm so glad things are coming together!

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