May 3, 2014

Crib Notes

Plans for Mr. Baby's room are coming together, and so is some of his furniture.  Let's take a little tour of the nursery at this point.

First, we hit a big milestone in prepping for Mr. Baby by finally putting his crib together.  As Steve and I were assembling it, I had one of those surreal "We're Really Doing This" moments that I continually experience as someone whose life plans only recently included having offspring other than furbabies.  Pretty sure that mental image of Steve assembling crib parts will be burned into my memory forever.  The few baby accouterments we've accumulated so far are hanging out in the crib in order to keep them off the floor (and out of puppy dog reach).

Definitely not MTV Cribs.

I also finished up caulking and painting all of the crown, and completed touch up painting around the stripes and a few other parts in the room.  It's always amazing to me how just a few little details can make a room look so "finished."  This corner between the window and the crib is where the rocking chair will go.  I have some grand plans to convert a standard wingback chair into a rocker.  I've heard only good things about Ikea's Strandmon wingback, and found this fabulous tutorial for converting it into a rocker.  I think a wingback will look stylish and obviously the wings will come in handy for when my head gets heavy during middle-of-the-night rocking sessions.

This spot will rock.

And so will this wingback.  {via}

Across the wall with the window is Mr. Baby's closet (which obviously I have not yet cleaned out. Or painted.).  Everything will be coming out of that closet and being relocated or re-purposed.  In its place will go a changing table.  This wasn't our first choice, but the footprint of the room is so small (9.5' x 10' at its largest) that working around other necessities- the crib, rocker, and the chest of drawers Steve's grandpa built- we wouldn't be able to fit a changing table in the room without butting it up against the front of the crib.  Aesthetically it'd be icky, but we're more worried about the point in time at which Mr. Baby gets old enough to try escaping from the crib... we definitely don't want to give him any handy places to give himself a boost up and out of there.  So the bifolds will be coming off the closet.  The changing table will go in there as well as some lighting, overhead storage, and perhaps some extra shelving.

Future tush-cleaning station.

And wouldn't you know it, an Ikea Hemnes 3-Drawer Chest will fit perfectly in that closet.  Since there's going to be so much gray and white in the room, and the linens we registered for ended up being based mostly in aqua with some apple greens and navy (it's hard to find nursery linens that have orange as an accent color!), we're considering painting it a deep blue.  Handily, we've got some extra dark blue paint from my recent door painting fun.

Imagine me in dark blue with some fun drawer pulls.  {via}

Which means that Steve's grandpa's tallboy dresser, which can be seen chillin' in our closet, will end up on the wall between the changing station and the door to the hallway, along with a diaper pail and hopefully some fun artwork.

I don't mean to brag, but that crown looks awesome!

Obviously the two Rubbermaid bins of my non-maternity clothes and Steve's FDNY blanket, which by the way are butted up against the front of the crib, will be relocated.  To make sure we'd have enough room for everything, I used a free room planner to try it out.  Everything in this rendering is to scale, including the furniture.

Pretty small room, eh?

And just for fun, here's a little 3-D version.

If a giant ripped off our roof, here's what he'd see.

Obviously we're lacking some details still, but it feels nice to at least have an inkling of what this room will be like, and to know for sure that we can fit the essentials in!

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  1. I like it. It definitely doesn't need to be too big as one hopes that Mr. Baby will be pretty small for a while :).