Mar 31, 2014

Nursery Plans

It's official, people.  Baby Williams is a boy, and he's due to arrive in about four months.  It's time to start thinking about a nursery.

We're actually a little ahead of the game.  When Steve's grandmother moved to a new assisted living facility in January, she upgraded to a full size bed.  The full size bed that had been in our guest bedroom, to be exact.  Since all of her linens were intended for a twin size bed, we went ahead and sent everything with the bed- the linens, the matching curtains and rod, the matching dresser and night stand, and the library table.  The end result is a rather bare room- perfect for starting from scratch.  Well, almost bare... we used a gift card to purchase the light-diffusing cellular shade for privacy reasons shortly after the curtains made their way to Grandma's new place.

Nice and bright, but neighbors can't see in.

The one thing we do have in this room at the moment is a box full of crib and another box full of crib mattress.  You can get a sense of scale of how small this room really is just by looking at the boxes on the floor.

Crib stuff.

There are very few things we're sure about with baby's room so far.  Neither of us really like the idea of a theme, so we're going to aim for a color palette instead.  We've got our crib picked out, and it's white.  Steve really wants to use a tallboy dresser his dad built in baby's room, and it's a light maple color (Steve is opposed to painting the dresser).  We'll need a rocker and a changing table and some room-darkening curtains.  We want to install crown molding in there.

Closet and the door to the hallway propped open.

Pretty much everything else is up for negotiation.  We love the idea of painting a sky and clouds mural on the ceiling.  Right now we are leaning toward a color palette that is mostly grays and whites with aqua blues and a few fun kicks of orange.  We are thinking the crib will end up on the longest unimpeded wall (not the wall it's pictured against now).  I'm totally digging the idea of doing a striped accent wall, but not sure how it would look with a busy ceiling and in such a small room.  We are struggling with what to do about the fuse box (I've said it before and I'll say it again- who puts a fuse box in a bedroom??!?) and we're feeling the need to go through the closet, which is packed to the gills with seasonal items, gift wrapping supplies, and random odds and ends.

So for now, here are some of the images that are serving as points of  inspiration for our nursery.

Love how calming this room is, with the fun pops of orange. {via}

My absolute favorite inspiration photo.  {via}

Gorgeous subtle cloudscape ceiling.  {via}

Obviously I am digging the striped wall thing.  {via}
Should be fun to get our little boy's room put together into someplace functional, peaceful, and a little whimsical.

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