May 15, 2013

A McListerson of Our Own

Come August, we'll have been in this house for two years.  Have we made a ton of progress in that short amount of time?  Heck yes.  Have we done everything we want to do?  Uh, no.

Just like John & Sherry, we keep a list around of all the projects we'd like to accomplish around the house.  It's not comprehensive, and sometimes we change our minds about what stays and goes on this list, but having a running list of all the projects helps us with planning and budgeting.  It also serves as inspiration when we run out of steam on a project (like I have right now with the path and planters on the right side of the house.  It's hard to be motivated when it's raining cats and dogs).  And anything that's still in the "just an idea" phase rather than the "it's only a matter of time before we tackle it" phase will be followed by a question mark- something Steve and I need to wait and see on or talk more about.  Normally I update this list in a shared GoogleDocs file every few months, but I figured it might do just as well to stick the list out here on the blog.  So, here goes nothin'.


  • Eight million landscaping projects (Exhaustive details on our plans can be found here)
  • Chunk up the support post on the front porch
  • Put up house numbers, front and back
  • Replace broken screen doors outside dining room and master bedroom
  • Purchase window screens for all north & south facing windows
  • Prettify our mailbox
  • Find a more permanent solution for missing knobs on water spigots
  • Replace the fencing (hoping we've got a few more years before it starts disintegrating)
  • Build up the trim around windows and doors?
  • Plank the roof above the front porch?
  • Install a second porch light to add symmetry and safety?
  • Fix our driveway- concrete?  gravel?  asphalt?

Dining Room

  • Card Catalog-esque buffet for small appliances and table linens


  • Finish patching ceiling above pot rack
  • Replace dinged, stained, and sagging countertops
  • Fix ducting to heater vent
  • Finish recovering ruined shelves with contact paper
  • Add bins under sink for more better organization of sponges, scrapers, brushes, dish soap
  • Some kind of privacy solution for kitchen window? (revisit once landscaping is done)
  • Decorate above cabinets?

Living Room

  • Add seating in front of windows?  (We did it out of necessity at Easter, and I kind of liked it.)
  • Change stain on the Kentwood?  (I'm thinking less dark and more like weathered cedar.)
  • Change color of frames on the gallery wall?  (Again, I'm thinking less dark, but not sure what I'd like instead....)
  • Install can lights?  Maybe sconces?

Laundry Closet

  • Finish "hiding" the under-cabinet support bar and pipes
  • Add some fun artwork
  • Install a counter top?


  • Replace wire shelving in linen closet with real shelves
  • Add some character
    • Gallery on wall between guest bathroom and master bedroom to disguise switches, and plugs, and detectors oh my?
    • Two other large expanses of naked walls that need.... ???

Guest Bedroom

  • Add crown molding

Guest Bathroom

  • DONE!!


  • Add crown molding

Master Bedroom

  • Touch up crown molding

Master Bathroom

  • Touch up paint, trim
  • Frame out the mirror
  • Stain the vanity- espresso?


  • Organize, organize, organize
  • Paint the wall closest to the house
  • Put trim around the side door
  • Paint the door into the house black

This kind of listing actually makes things feel less overwhelming to me.  After all, look at all those rooms that only have one or two things left to do before they'll be done!  And holy cow, we actually have one room that is completely done.  It's just a tiny bathroom, but who cares, it's done!

Are you a list-maker?  Do you keep a giant lists of house projects too?

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