Apr 14, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Well, we had glorious weather on Easter.  Pretty much unparalleled for the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, many of the family members over at our house spent time sitting in camp chairs in the front yard.  The last time I can remember anyone sitting outside at Easter was in the early 90s.  With such a surge of great weather came about 4 days of clear-ish skies and temps in the low 60s (just enough to encourage all the trees to begin pollinating) and now we are back to chilly and wet, wet, wet.

Despite the lackluster weather, my living room has finished its transition to springy-ness.  The blue curtains replaced the purple ones that have dutifully served all fall and winter.  And I ordered some pillow covers from an etsy shop called Modernality.  Why, you ask, didn't I force my Mom to endure another sewing project with me?  Well, these folks had really cute color-coordinated fabrics, were running a sale, and the pillow covers had *zipper closures.* They have happily springed things up in the living room.

Chevron love.

Modern florals.  The log pillow really ties things together, amiright?

I love how everything in this room is playing nicely together and complementing the colors in both the entryway and the nearby kitchen and dining area.

So much lighter and brighter up in here!

How do you make your home more springy?

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