Sep 6, 2012

Kitchen Rug Fail?

Welp, kitchen rug version 2.0 arrived.  It was wrapped in clear plastic so I was able to analyze the color right off the bat.  Mustard it ain't.

Maybe if I was colorblind...?

It looked green!  Like, really, really green (I'd characterize it as the split-pea variety)!  Not only was it not mustard-colored, it didn't resemble any shade of yellow.  At all.  Disappointed, I didn't even bother to open the packaging, knowing I'd just have to ship it back when I returned it.

Then, as I was preparing to send it back, I noticed something curious on the inventory tag.

Truth in advertising?

Olive!  Well, that explains it.  They must have sent me the wrong rug!  Determined now, I broke out the packing slip.

Just call me Velma.

A-ha!  More evidence that I was sent the wrong rug!  I emailed the company I bought it from, One Kings Lane, and was party to flurry of striving-for-customer-service-excellence emails with them.  I was asked to supply photos (little did she know I was already planning on supplying the whole interwebs with photos) and then told that the vendor would be contacted to see if they did indeed ship the incorrect item.


 So I waited and waited and waited (although I was kindly supplied with near-daily updates about "we're still waiting to hear from the vendor," which was nice.  And today I had my answer.

Thank you so much for your patience. The vendor has informed us that the item you received is the correct item. I understand that it doesn’t look exactly like the photo from the time of sale. We will be able to give you a 15% discount if you decide to keep the item. If you would rather return the item for a full refund, we can certainly accommodate that as well. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Please let me know what the best resolution for you would be.

Crap.  So much for my sleuthing skills/wishful thinking.  The rug is going back.  At least the customer service was good.  Definitely could have been worse.  Still a bummer, though.  I ordered the perfect kitchen rug from One Kings Lane and all I got was this awesome customer service.

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